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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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called 911 thinking they're body slugs. this is one of many found along the east bay shoreline in recent months. by the time they wash up they are dead. this one was barely alive when morgan dell held it. >> got up close to it look at it, investigate it, it's cool. >> reporter: most people say it's exciting to find them but they are not the most pleasant looking sea life. and they leave behind a mess of purple ink. >> they felt strange the way a starfish does hard but soft leathery kind of feel to it. it was sort of lavendery-ish. >> reporter: naturalist say they are sea hairs and they look like giant snails in the ocean. they lay eggs that look like noodles in the bay and then die. the east bay regional park district says what's unusual is the large amount of dead sea hairs washing up onshore.
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they believe this is the second time in 15 years. no one knows why. the theory is the bay waters are water and they tend to reproduce more in warmer temperatures. >> the life cycle is about a year. after that one year of the population boom then there's a massive death. >> reporter: i wish i could show it to you but we got here around 3:00, haven't seen one on the beach. naturalists say you can investigate and touch it but don't take it home. leave them here on the beach. live in alameda, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> these aren't the first unusual looking creatures to wash up on bay area beaches. last july on ocean beach hundreds of these were spotted, some kind of jellyfish. they are actually something called velella velella. not true jellyfish. these ones are closer to the
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man-o-war. >> don't call 911. toxic concerns about plans to build dozens of homes in the south bay. kpix 5 reporter devin fehely tells us neighbors are worried about what's under the soil. >> reporter: despite decades, the grounds that the moffett hotel sits on and the ground water under it is some of the most contaminated in the bay area. with high levelof tce and industrial solvent released into the ground by early tech companies. >> a lot of people who live in the area are concerned about the fact this it destroys plants, trees, grass, lawns, of the lawns have been hurt by it. >> reporter: carlos has lived in the neighborhood for 15 years. he says there's concern a plan to tear down the hotel and replace it with brand-new homes may inadvertently release some toxic chemicals into the air. >> it will go on i guess for
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quite a while. and how well they will do the job in cleaning up the sites around here, i don't know. >> reporter: hotel's owner says he believes the neighborhood's concerns about the project are largely unfounded. >> people are getting all scared. i been here for years and this is the hottest point right there. all my kids were born over here. my mother goes there has chickens over here fine. i'm living proof. >> if i live next door i'd be asking the same question. >> reporter: environmental activist turned city council lenny siegel says he understands neighbor concerns about exposure to potentially toxic chemicals but believe the site can be redeveloped. >> it's tricky to work in areas where there's contaminated ground water but we have a pro- active sampling program led by epa and the former semiconductor company's contractors so we know what's there and we believe we know how to protect people. >> reporter: but critics worry that efforts to, quote, clean
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up the neighborhood, might have the opposite effect. devin fehely, kpix 5. >> the mountain view city council approved the redevelopment plan at its meeting tuesday. owners of a south bay nudist colony could face jail time accused of stealing water for their resort during the drought. kpix 5's juliette goodrich asked them about these charges. >> reporter: quite the water fight at the clothing optional resort lupin lodge. two owners and three employees are charged with stealing water from a nearby creek to supply the resort area here. if convicted they could face up to three years in jail. >> i'm not allowed to make any comments whatsoever. >> reporter: at the lupin lodge registration counter employees were warned not to say much. >> our attorneys don't want to us make any statements. >> reporter: the lodge owners and three other employees asked mid peninsula regional open space district if they could install temporary lines to collect water from the creek.
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that was last july. the district said no. but they did it anyway and according to the d.a., the owners installed multiple water lines into the creek and other springs on district property. those water lines delivered water straight to lupin lodge. >> has that been going on? have you been smashed. >> i have been told by our attorneys that we cannot make any statements until after discovery. >> reporter: do you have any water supply now or has it been cut off? >> um, i can't make any statements. sorry. >> reporter: kpix 5 visited the lodge nine months ago when they were drought-stricken and they had this to say. >> we haven't really had an issue with having enough water all these years for the last 40 years until this drought. >> reporter: the lodge owners say they do have water rights and they intend to fight in court. in los gatos, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> no one is spared in this drought even farmers with century old water rights are
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facing major water cutbacks right now. the state ordered those dramatic cuts to the senior water rights holders in the state today. this affects thousands of farmers. they won't be allowed to pump from three major california waterways. it's the first time the state of california has ever done something of this magnitude. agriculture is responsible for about 80% of california's water consumption. a cool treat on a hot day. parts of the bay area met the triple digits today and we found people lining up at a drive-through ice cream shop trying to beat the heat. chief meteorologist paul deanno is live for us in pleasanton. paul, you're saying this is just the start of those high temperatures. >> reporter: yeah. it's going to be hot. this will be the hottest day of the next several. did you say ice cream? that sounds really good right about now of it is hot in pleasanton. 100 degrees today in the inland areas in the tri-valley. livermore 101. standing outside at the concert at the park where it's a toasty park right now but hundreds of folks will be here later.
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san jose one of the cooler spots at 86. you really wanted to cool off try pacifica only 62. look at that temperature spread. livermore in the 100s. pacifica barely in the 60s. san francisco officially 71 degrees. some of our weather watcher reporting in high temperatures for the day. paul smith 107 in brentwood. keith rodriguez 83 in san leandro. and suzie in castro valley high of 92. we are live tonight in pleasanton. concert at the park every friday evening, with blanket dropped off at 5 a.m. on the way to work. the blankets are not in the shadows. but folks are lining up because it feels 10 degrees cooler if you are in the shade. concert in the park in pleasanton where it's currently 94 degrees. it's going to be the start of a warm weekend. we'll talk about how much we'll cool down coming up in 10
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minutes. back to you. >> thank you. a date has officially been set for the extended doyle drive closure in san francisco. be prepared for heavy traffic in that area come mid-july. doyle drive will close thursday night july 9. and then re-open on monday morning, july 13. doyle drive is the part of highway 101 that connects the city of san francisco to the golden gate bridge. during the closure, the only access to the bridge will be through the presidio by way of highway 1. work will be finished on the parkway project connecting the roads and the continues that have been under construction for years. when it is reopened, drivers will use three new tunnels as well as a northbound high viaduct on the way to the golden gate bridge. during the weekend closure, drivers will be encouraged to use the bay bridge. still ahead, a twist in a terrifying home invasion caught
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on camera. the connection between the mastermind and the victim. >> and saving family farms in the bay area. the effort to make sure that developers don't take over. >> plus, coming up at 6:30, cut off from money and medicine. the government error
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south bay family terrorized in a home invasion. tonight, a major twist in the case. police say it was the work of their very own family member. kpix 5's maria medina joins us now live from san jose. police say the 17-year-old son was behind it all. >> reporter: there was some tears in the courtroom as that 17-year-old faced a judge. he is accused of teaming up with gang members to wanted to steal from his family, then went on to terrorize them. >> they chased and ran towards
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these women. one of them was able to fight to hold the door shut but had a broken lock. >> reporter: cameras catch two robbers trying tro break down a door to get to two women and a 1-year-old baby trying to hide. minutes after the suspects armed with knives broke in and ransacked the home. >> they wanted to fight with somebody, come visit me. >> reporter: the victims were simerjeet singh's baby girl mother an sister-in-law. he spoke to us just as the home invasion. today he was speechless. can you tell us how you feel? prosecutors say it was his own teenage son who plotted the terrifying robbery at his evergreen area home last month. >> the sad part about this is he is turning on his own family. >> reporter: police say simerjeet singh just 17 wasn't at the home invasion but he planned the crime. >> the baby, his half-sister, was home during this event. >> reporter: the two robbers took off after the girls called the police. the teens were arrested after
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this surveillance video went viral but the search for suspects wasn't over. sources said to take a good look at the homeowner's son. it's an ending to the case that shocked everyone including neighbors who know the family. >> i have no idea how they're coping. i would have a hard time coping with it. >> obviously i think it's going to be difficult to find out that your own son put this up. so i think that's something they are trying to figure out. >> reporter: that neighbor that we spoke to says he is not entirely shocked by it because he says home invasions are usually done by someone who knows the homeowner. by the way, singh will be tried as an adult and could face up to 20 years in prison if found guilty. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. a south bay car crash ended in a fiery mess after the driver slammed into a tree. the front of the car wrapped around this tree before bursting into flames. it happened off highway 101 just before blossom hill road early this morning. the driver died in the fire
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which spread to the nearby trees. firefighters quickly knock it down but they couldn't get to the victim in time. first phase in the demolition of the old bay bridge is now complete. caltrans took down the 80-year- old cantilever section. chopper 5 flew over the old span this afternoon. a huge chunk is missing. crews cut it at its center and dismantled both sides piece by piece. now they will start taking apart of the truss section of the bridge. the work won't be done though until the end of next year. a solution to the drought is creating some unexpected problems in the delta. there's an emergency dam east of antioch that goes across the west falls river. the barriers is designed to keep salty water from spoiling delta waters. don ford tells us, its leaving some people stuck in the mud.
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[ pause ] >> we are having technical difficulties there with don's report but hopefully we will get that for you. people on bethel island are worried that the extra current would affect the levees. that hasn't been determined. in the meantime, warriors fans finding all kinds of ways to celebrate. the team's latest win in the nba finals, chopper 5 spotted this mural that popped up along interstate 80 near the albany richmond border. easy to figure out who it supports with the word dubs in blue and gold. the artists say they have done another mural that's a portrait of steph curry that can be spotted from highway 24 as drivers head into oakland. about 500 students got a lesson in fun this afternoon thanks in part to super bowl 50. the event called national summer learning day was held outside san francisco's city hall. kids got up and got moving in giant hamster balls. we'll show that you video as
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soon as we pull it. and they also were able to do some scrambling in a rock climbing wall. they got to pick out a brand- new reading book for free. >> so the hope is that super bowl 50 leaves a community impact that lasts well beyond the game. >> today's celebration was the kickoff to the read zone campaign. that's the early literacy initiative created by the super bowl 50 host committee. kids had a blast out there. to find out more go to >> looks like a lot of fun. well, it's time now for a look at our forecast. a hot weekend again. chief meteorologist paul deanno in toasty pleasanton right now. >> reporter: yes, about 94 degrees out here in pleasanton. kind of a wacky week. we started very hot. we are ending rather warm. in the middle we have rain. it's friday night summertime unofficially summer when the
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kids are out of school and they are and look at all the folks who showed up for the concert in the park and many hundreds more every friday at this park in pleasanton. they have a concerted at 7:00 and it brings out a lot of people in the town. pleasanton knows how to do it right. they have so many events to get the community together. this is one of them. every friday all summer long we have this concert at the park in pleasanton and today it's a hot concert in the park. livermore 101. morgan hill 97. hayward 84 today. richmond 74. you want to cool off, half moon bay 36 degrees cooler than livermore. so much going on this weekend. maybe you're heading to the tri- valley, pleasanton tomorrow morning, 67 with sunshine at 10 a.m. by 3:00 88. and staying in the 80s through 5:00 so not as hot. to but it still will be above average. heading to the city, lots going on. north beach festival saturday and sunday. in the 60s. stern grove festival on sunday the doobie brothers playing in
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san francisco as well partly cloudy mild 63. out of town eureka cool 63 cloudy. slight chance of a thunderstorm toward yosemite 97. tahoe sunny with a high of 82. high pressure sitting just offshore. it's moving a little bit this weekend and that's why it will not be as hot on saturday and sunday. temperatures will drop to near average as low pressure builds into the north. it certainly won't give us rain but will give us a stronger onshore flow, more of the ocean influence means temperatures drop by five to seven degrees. san francisco tomorrow 67. san rafael 83. napa 86. but livermore still hot 94. and concord 90. so we are not as hot but we are still above average. we'll be a couple of degrees cooler still on sunday but staying in the low 90s inland, low 70s near the bay. the chilliest day will be monday. then toward the million-dollar of next week the onshore flow weakens and we climb back here in triple digits away from the water. back out here live, it's the family event. we have the kids, we have the parents. we have the grandparents. we have picnics. people in pleasanton know how to do a concert in the park
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right. it's not just about the blanket. it's about the food you bring. it's about the drinks that you bring. it's about the friends that you invite. and it's going to be a nice place to be when the sun goes down and it's not 94 at 7:00 when the singers begin. back to you. >> tell me about that ice cream truck! >> thinking the same thing. >> we are going there right now. [ laughter ] >> that's where we're heading in like 20 seconds. >> thank you. 10 pelicans were released back into the wild after the oil spill that blackened miles of coastline in southern california. uc-davis scientists placed tracking devices on them. it will keep track of their progress after being rehabilitated. the birds were released in goleta this afternoon. the oil spill that marred nearly 100 miles of california coastline is costing a pretty penny. clean-up costs have reached over $60 million. plains all american pipeline is expected to foot the bill. still ahead, keeping this land out of the developers hands. one group's mission to keep bay area farms in the families for
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' lot of people like to buy local. artisan cheese organic meats and such but that hinges on whether there's enough local land for farmers to provide the feed we need to eat. allen martin went not too far to the country to see who is saving the family farms. [ rooster crows ] >> this property came into our family about 1918. so we're almost 100 years. i have heard stories about my father growing up here and my grandfather and grandmother. >> reporter: kitty grew up playing in the barns on her family's red hill ranch in hicks valley northwest of novato. but her generation, the fifth in the family to farm in marin, almost lost it all. >> it was 7 siblings. there was some disagreement about how things should be run. there was talk of putting a for sale up at the end of the road.
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>> reporter: a sale to developers could have meant ten newest states on the land. or a golf course. >> it's a really sad -- [ indiscernible ] >> you know, i had to just say, i'm going to try to do this. >> reporter: what she did was come here to point reyes to ask for help from the country's first land trust dedicated to saving agricultural land. >> ing acultured land trusts basically buy and extinguish the development rights on a given property with a legal tool called a conservation easement. >> reporter: marin agricultural land trust's executive director says they pay the owner for the value of the development rights. it's usually 40 or 50% of the land's value. the owner doesn't share the title but agrees, agricultural use only, no subdividing, no development. if the owner sells, the
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easement goes with the deal. so far 75 families have signed up totaling 47,000 acres protected almost half of the privately owned farmland in marin. >> my hope is that we will protect 100,000 acres of marin's farmland by 2040. >> reporter: they have to think about 2040 and way beyond because the farmers have to agree forever and the association has to be around forever. kitty doesn't want out. >> they basically handed us a big fat check and with that check, my brother doug and i bought out our siblings. >> reporter: she sells eggs from her chickens from a farm stand and at farmer's markets. her brother raises cattle. and his daughter is doing hormone and antibiotic-free grassfed beef. >> our family is still here and
6:25 pm
their generations, their great- great-grandchildren, are still here. i think it's, uhm -- a really wonderful -- [ pause ] >> -- thing. [crying ] >> reporter: in marin county, allen martin, kpix 5. >> malt is funded by private donors and public agencies. the count marin holds easements too but they only a fraction of the number of acres as malt. her parents say she lied. why an naacp leader's race is in question and what the organization is saying about it tonight. >> and an arrest in connection to two convicted murderers on the run for nearly a week. who is accused of helping them escape. >> and declared dead by mistake. the government flagging people who are clearly still alive
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our top stories right now. the owners of a los gatos nudist colony and three employees are charged with stealing water for their
6:29 pm
resorts. prosecutors say the owners asked for permission to tap into a local creek but were denied last year. they then did it anyway. >> giant purple sea slugs invading bay area beaches. some people thought it was human body parts and called 911. no, they're slugs. they are called sea hairs and are harmless. experts say a recent population boom is the reason why people are seeing them. the naacp is backing a chapter president whose race is called into question. she says she is black. her biological parents say that's a lie. and she is really white. reporter adriana diaz with the woman's response to the allegations. >> reporter: rachel doelzal sat down with our cbs affiliate krem to address the chaos around her. would you identify yourself as an african-american? >> i don't like the term
6:30 pm
african-american. i prefer black. and i would say that it's, um, you know, if i was asked, i would definitely say that, yes, i do consider myself to be black. >> reporter: but doelzal's biological parents say that's a lie. what is your daughter's ethnicity? >> our daughter is primarily german and czech and of european descent. >> so she's white. >> she's white. >> caucasian, mm-hm. >> reporter: the parents live in a rural home in troy, montana where they say rachel was born nearly 40 years ago. >> rachel has wanted to be someone she's not. she's chosen not to just be herself but to represent herself as an african-american woman or bi-racial person. >> reporter: doelzal's biography at eastern washington university says she received her master's degree from howard university. a historically black college in washington, d.c. >> what would you say to those who are questioning your ethnicity?
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>> those who are questioning or those who are just reading the article? i mean, you know, the article -- i feel like the article is what's questioning and really it's, um, [ indiscernible ] who is question. and so i what say to them is, you know, i don't -- i don't give [ censored ] what people think. >> in the past, doelzal has identified herself as a mix of black, white and native american. she calls the controversy an ugly by-product of family dysfunction. new york police think they are closing in on two convicted killers who escaped from prison. authorities say the men are hiding out on a 50-acre private property. police think david sweat and richard matt only traveled a few miles south of the prison in dannemora. dogs have tracked their scents and police have traced footprints. in the meantime a prison employee is facing charges for allegedly helping the men escape. police say joyce mitchell gave the convicts contraband to get
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out. a second cyber attack targeting federal records. u.s. officials say hackers targeted sensitive information of employees who applied for security clearance. officials say it could expose the identities of intelligence officers. the feds have linked the hacking to china. they deny involvement. a major blow for president obama today. the house of representatives voted down his fast-track trade bill. this was after he made a last- minute personal appeal. one part of the bill gives the president power to negotiate global trade deals that congress could approve or reject but not amend. the second part gives assistance to workers who lose their jobs because of those deals. the house rejected the second part. a new vote could happen next week. what happens to thousands of people every year? government mistakenly flags them as dead. >> on the consumerwatch, julie watts on the all too common fallout. >> we have a flyer. >> reporter: he may look alive
6:33 pm
and well but the social security administration declared her dead. >> i'm not dead. >> reporter: her bank closed her account anyway when it was notified of her recent death. >> i was just shocked. what are you talking about? you're talking to me. >> reporter: her pension check and health insurance both canceled leaving the 78-year- old without access to money or medicine. >> two of my prescriptions were gone. >> how many of you have been beenclaired dead by the federal government? all of you? >> reporter: earlier this year "60 minutes" profiled others declared dead by the social security administration including judy rivers who testified before the senate about how the mistake landed her in jail when a clerk suspected her of using a dead woman's bank card. >> for a while i lived in my car. >> reporter: the social security administration erroneously declares the 9,000 people dead a year, 25 people a day and this consumer watchdog calls it a national scandal especially because people like
6:34 pm
elizabeth are left struggling to get the government to reincarnate them. >> this should be a special procedure. if the social security administration can't fix it then congress should. >> reporter: the social security administration insists an erroneous death termination is rare. claiming it's one-third of 1% of the 2.8 million deaths reported a year. elizabeth says they told her, her mortuary reported her dead. >> i asked for the copy of the death certificate. >> reporter: it took two months for the government to bring her back to life finally giving her money, medicine and monthly checks. >> i don't ever want to go through it again. >> reporter: a senate panel convened on this in march. the problem is that death information comes from so many sources it's difficult for the administration to verify it. they also lose over $100 billion a year to people who are actually dead while others continue to collect their social security checks. >> wow. >> wow. >> all the computers in the world and we can't figure this out who is breathing and who is
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technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. a solution to the drought creating problems in the delta. kpix 5's don ford test us how an emergency dam is leaving some people stuck in the mud. >> reporter: the jersey island victory 2 is heading to pick up cars, trucks and tractors from remote delta islands. for more than 50 years, the trip has been smooth. but not anymore. >> like a little mini rapids. >> reporter: rough water flowing fast through this channel called fisherman's cut. locals say the new salinity barrier dam two miles away is to blame. >> you're diverting a whole waterway.
6:38 pm
from one area to go out to different areas. >> reporter: here's the issue. throbbing dam completed last week -- this rock dam completed last week to block saltwater from getting into the delta during the drought forces water upstream. miles away it found a path back to the delta through fisherman's cut. the force was enough to push the ferry into these weeds where it ran aground. >> just kept going in more and more and gave up. and i radioed, come pull us out. >> reporter: the construction company sent a small tug to the rescue. even today, the dutra truck is standing by just in case. the rough waters are especially unsettling for those who live on bradford island and web track. >> ferry service is critical for emergencies. >> they can only come by ferry or helicopter. >> reporter: there could be even more surprises for downstream delta residents because the state says that
6:39 pm
this temporary barrier says put until november 15 at least. in the delta, don ford, kpix 5. stolen smartphones still a big problem but there are fewer victims, a million in fact. tonight san francisco's attorney general credits the kill switch. i'll have that story for you plus much more or bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. 98 degrees in pleasanton. no big deal whatsoever. say all these folks. they are outside enjoying concert in the park on a friday evening. we'll give you your weekend forecast and beyond life from pleasanton coming up next.
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teenagers aren't usually the ones who run the household but that was the reality for an east bay student rising above. in just a few minutes, we take you through her journey from struggle to success and share her latest milestone. >> first a look at our weekend forecast. paul deanno is standing by live in pleasanton with the mobile weather lab. oh!! -- [ simultaneous speakers ] >> i'm actually sitting. [ laughter ] >> i'll tell you what, the folks who live in pleasanton are very smart.
6:43 pm
they know how to do it out here. great city, great downtown. relaxed pace. and this is what we do out here on friday nights. we hang out have a concert in the park. you invite your friends, you bring out your family. bring out your favorite barbecue. you hang out have a good time. this is the preamble to the concert which with will start at 7:00 tonight. we are at way side park in pleasanton outdoor concert every friday evening all summer long so if you want to come down and enjoy, just plan ton next friday when the weather will be just about as hot as today 98 degrees in pleasanton today. current temperatures outside, 66 in san francisco. san jose 81. and santa rosa 77 degrees. livermore 94. still hot inland. and we are talking 71 degrees currently in san bruno. tonight not as warm but still above average. san jose 61. oakland 56. mountain view 61 degrees. and santa rosa drops down to 54. there was a large ridge of high pressure which is sitting just offshore. what this will do and it often does this in the summertime
6:44 pm
gives us a light onshore flow which will give us a little bit of a push from the ocean that hits you pacifica, half moon bay, cools you down near san francisco and san pablo bay. but away from the water it doesn't make it to places like pleasanton and you get pretty warm. this weekend as low pressure develops to our north that will kick up the onshore flow a bit. it will not be as hot. it will be closer to normal this weekend. we are clear overnight tonight anywhere away from the water but patchy fog near the coast. a lot of sunshine for you except for right along the coastline and a wide range in high temperatures but that's exactly what we should expect for this time of year. 60s along the coast. temperatures well into the 90s inland. let's take a tour around the bay area. fremont tomorrow 84 degrees. sunnyvale 89. los gatos 92. pittsburg for a high of 91 tomorrow. benicia 84. pleasanton 88. sausalito 67. alameda 74. petaluma 82 degrees tomorrow. the hot stuff still up by lakeport with a high of 99 and windsor 86 degrees. your extended forecast, after a
6:45 pm
pretty wacky week where we had rain and temperatures near 1010 degrees away from the water -- 110 degrees away from the water we get to average, 80s and 90s inland, 70s and 70s near the bay and 50s and low 60s near the coast. the one thing that sticks out to me about this time next week the onshore flow will be weak and temperatures will approach 100 degrees again away from the water. back out live in pleasanton, at 5:00 we showed you all these blankets with nobody on them. now everybody showed up. it's time for the concert and this is the place to be, guys. come out and join us. >> we'll be right there. >> on the way. [ laughter ] >> thanks, paul. another student rising above graduates and tonight this time at cal. like many students she had to do it without help from her parents and she put together every program and scholarship she could find for low income kids. our wendy tokuda has been following her for four years.
6:46 pm
>> four years. >> reporter: she chose cal because she was responsible for her brother an sister and she had to be near them. succeeding in life she once said isn't some miracle. it's a choice one makes regardless of where they come from or what they have been through. and she has been through a lot. she is the first in her family to go to college. uc-berkeley. and she had to make it happen on her own. >> it feels groundbreaking for me. i feel as if i have been waiting for this moment my entire life. >> reporter: not just waiting. but working. hard. >> charlene craner. >> reporter: she put together the scholarships, worked three jobs at one point to earn this degrees in sociology. she was an honor student at oakland high when we first met her four years ago. after school, she and her sister would catch the bus to go to a college prep tutoring program called college track.
6:47 pm
she took on the responsibility of making sure she and her siblings got an education. >> i consider them my kids in a sense getting them out of oakland and like into college is something that's really important to me. >> happy birthday -- >> reporter: it was a different situation when this home video was taken showing char-leen on her 7th birthday. it looks so idyllic but she was already beginning to see changes the video doesn't show. drugs were creeping into the home and would eventually destroy both her parents. >> when my dad went on drug, he didn't want her anymore. so when she realized that she didn't have that family anymore, that's when she got, um, hooked on heroin. >> reporter: they moved a lot. eventually her father left. her mother was shot twice in the street. she survived but wasn't around much after that. the kids moved in with their
6:48 pm
grandfather. char-leen took charge. >> it started when i was 9 getting them up for school making sure they got on their clothes for school. cooking dinner for them. >> she is in charge of running a household. she has to be on top of her siblings make sure they not only get their work done but that they are fed and in addition to mothering them. essentially takes care of her older grandfather. >> reporter: that strength makes her who she is. that and having her brother an sister. >> they are some of my best friends. i love both of them a lot. >> reporter: char-leen wants to work with low income communities social justice work. >> i come from a family of drug addiction and alcoholism and abuse and i want to be there for other people that have experienced similar obstacles to show them that it's possible to move forward and be successful. >> reporter: char-leen's sister is also a student rising above.
6:49 pm
to help students like them get to college and graduate, go to and help them. >> yeah, did you see she was graduating tonight from cal? >> no, that was her graduation. >> oh, okay. all right. so we have seen all the video. >> what amazing kids. >> and she started all this at 9 years old taking care of her siblings. >> 9-year-old she became an adult and parent. yeah. >> good for her. >> amazing. >> and now she is a college grad. >> another winner. >> excellent. >> another winner. >> thank you. all right. we have a cute animal alert. we just got these photos of a newborn sea lion pup born earlier today at six flags discovery kingdom. the photos show it hanging out with mom. the pump's dad is famous for having -- pup's
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
the warriors finally looked like themselves in game 4. they topped the cavs by 21 points and seemed to have exposed the cavs' weaknesses. dennis o'donnell with more from cleveland. >> i'm not ready to get all out. i'm all in. >> reporter: all in is the cavs' rally cry during these nba finals. but all in did not apply last night when the cavs' shots were
6:53 pm
all out. >> offensively we were terrible. you can't always bank on your offense. sometimes your offense just doesn't show up. >> reporter: steve kerr lied to the media when he was asked about any possible line-up changes. instead, kerr started andre iguodala over andrew bogut. >> so if i tell the truth it's the equivalent of me knocking on david blatt's door saying this is what we are going to do. i could evade the store and start on twitter who is going to start for the warriors or i could lie. so i lied. sorry but i don't think they hand you the trophy based on morality. they give it to you if you win. >> if you are a media member of san francisco, and you're complaining that steve kerr lied to you you are a buffoon, moron and idiot. get over it. >> reporter: iguodala who hadn't been in the opening line- up all season held lebron to 20 points while scoring 22 himself. >> andre has been great for us throughout this entire series.
6:54 pm
whatever works to win, bogut tonight didn't say a word about not starting. he played two minutes. didn't say a word. if we win, i don't care. and that's what it's about. that's what has made this team successful attitudes like that. >> reporter: sports talk radio station 2.3 the fan was not taking the loss well, 92.39 fan. >> channel 5 in oakland you have to be in oakland, san francisco, san francisco, they are in the -- i'm going to look at the camera. san francisco media. hey, [ censored ] you, san francisco. >> reporter: the nba finals will be coming back here to cleveland for game 6 on tuesday. but if the cavs don't figure out golden state's new small line-up, all in could be all done. in cleveland with the warriors, dennis o'donnell kpix 5. with key injuries to the cavs team lebron has carried much of the offensive load racking up 183 minutes in the last four games. now, it's not like steph curry has been relaxing on the bench. he has laid 170 minutes so far.
6:55 pm
but the dubs have the luxury of depth. >> they are playing 7 people. they are going to wear down. >> and it looked like the cavaliers did wear down in last night's loss. former saint mary's star matthew dellavedova who had to be hospitalized after game 3 with severe cramps looked slow and left the game in the 3rd quarter with cramping. cleveland's lack of depth is a big disadvantage against a very deep warriors team. >> we wanted to wear them down. they are playing 7 guys. sometimes 8 but most of the time 7. and lebron having to shoulder the load. so they made a comeback and they just ran out of gas. >> did you sense that your team was a little bit tired tonight? >> yes. very simple answer. sweeten and the u.s. at the women's world cup. -- sweden and the u.s. at women's world cup. sweden gets a great opportunity on the corner kick but megan klingenberg standing in goal
6:56 pm
heads it off the crossbar and clears the ball. game ends in a nil-nil draw. u.s. has a win and draw in group play. from the pro golfers to exactly the opposite, justin bieber on the links in l.a. where he showed golf won't be his second career after singing. now, watch how many times he takes the shot. the video is sped up. after his second shot he empties a sleeve of balls and proceeds to not hit a good one at all. no idea where the shots landed or what he scored on the hole. but let's say he gave himself a lot of mulligans. >> wow. >> scary. >> so that guy in cleveland said bleep you to san francisco? >> we'll see who bleeps who sunday night. won't we? >> we'll see. >> for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado comm you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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6:59 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, charlie, you all right? thank you very much everybody. thank y'all. i appreciate you now. thank you very much. i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one today, folks. returning for their third day with a total of 20,500 bucks from woodbury, minnesota, it's the reed family. and from ringo, georgia, it's the sholl family. everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid. give me karen.
7:00 pm
give me rebecca. ["family feud" theme plays plays] >> hi. steve: ladies, here we go. we got the top 8 answers on the board. when you get up and look in the mirror, name something you don't want to see on your face. rebecca. >> a zit. steve: a zit. >> we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. hey, mary, when you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, name something you don't want to see on your face. >> wrinkles. steve: wrinkles. charlie, got good to you, didn't it? >> it did, steve. steve: yeah, you jumped up in the air and...did something you probably ain't done in a while. you know, us old soldiers, we got to, we got to watch it. we think what happened on the other show was we think charlie might have popped or tore his achilles, which is a really


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